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UNICEF + Disney + Imagination Playground = P.L.A.Y. Initiative

January 30, 2013 in Featured Posts

by IP


UNICEF, Disney, Imagination Playground partner to transform children’s lives through play.

We are delighted to announce Imagination Playground’s involvement with UNICEF and Disney’s P.L.A.Y. initiative (Play & Learning For Youth). The project promotes play and learning for children in countries affected by disaster and emergencies. P.L.A.Y. explores the power of play as a tool for learning and emotional development in countries where safe recreation opportunities are limited. 


Its mission is to bring play to communities in need and to transform lives by fostering imagination and creativity. The initiative is part of UNICEF’s broader education and child protection work. UNICEF is also training educators and families to integrate play and recreation in ways that can build children’s self-esteem and better prepare them to learn.


The P.L.A.Y. initiative has already brought more than 30 Imagination Playground sets in primary schools and child-friendly spaces in Haiti and Bangladesh; reaching tens of thousands of children.

To learn more about UNICEF and the P.L.A.Y. initiative, check out the video below.

“Play is essential to all children’s healthy, emotional, psychological, and general well-being. Through play, children have a chance to reenact what is going on around them. It helps them work through problems, to try to find solutions, to understand what’s happening to them. These materials give them a chance to create, to dream, and to hope”

Cassie Landers, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mailman School of Public Health,
Columbia University and independent evaluator for the project.

Photo credit: UNICEF / Marco Dormino / Haiti. Children playing at the new playground site in Haiti. The project is implemented by UNICEF and Tipa Tipa.


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