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Fund-raising Efforts…Communities Love to Help!

June 9, 2015 in Featured Posts

by IP










The most-often asked question from the schools and organizations we work with is–how do I involve my community in the fundraising efforts to bring Imagination Playground blocks to the children? The answer is–we have enabled dozens of community fundraising efforts. Communities love to help!

Some sites that might help you get started are,, and All sites have their rules and regulations—but all provide an opportunity for you to set up a customized fundraising site.  These sites are free to create (there are minimal donor fees for processing), easy to set up, and ready for use in minutes. We truly haven’t seen an organization fail at this!

The simple steps to fundraising online include:

  1. Create your fundraising campaign on one of the sites.  We suggest using some of the videos and photos from the Imagination Playground website to make your page colorful, interactive, and easy to explain!
  2. Share with family, friends, and your community through Facebook, Twitter, and Emails.  All of these sites help you do this from their dashboard.
  3. Accept donations with a check, bank transfer, and in some cases, credit cards…all handled through the site!
  4. Manage your campaign—make changes, post updates, and even send thank you notes!

Schools and organizations have gotten very creative with donor bonuses…from signed artwork as a thank you from one of the children for a $25 gift, to a free hour of family playtime with the blocks for a larger donation.  Either way, a personalized thank you to the donor is easy to do from the site and much appreciated by the donor.

We’d love to help!  Please reach out with fundraising questions or if you need assistance determining which block set would suit your needs.  Please contact us at