National Building Museum’s exhibition PLAY.WORK.BUILD.

November 8, 2012 in Museums, Play Events, United States


On November 18th, the National Building Museum and Imagination Playground will present PLAY.WORK.BUILD. – an interactive exhibition combining the Museum’s unique architectural toy collection with hands-on block play. Designed by Rockwell Group, the exhibition will explore connections between early examples of imaginative play and its modern day interpretations.  Vintage toys on display from the Museum’s vast collection range from the Original Froebel® Blocks, early Erector sets to Tinker Toys, and Lincoln Logs®.

Families will be able to test their building skills in a variety of scales. One gallery will feature tables of foam blocks in different shapes and sizes, and in the following gallery, hundreds of large-scale blocks will allow visitors to reconfigure their environment. The final gallery showcases an original interactive installation of virtual block play created by the LAB at Rockwell Group. Whether visitors choose the small or large blocks or the virtual block-play experience, children and adults alike will join in on creative, open-ended play.

“Blocks have always been a fundamental element of play, and were greatly inspirational to Imagination Playground. We are thrilled to work with the National Building Museum and to create a unique indoor play space within the historical context of construction and block play,” said David Rockwell. “Play—for children and adults—cannot be affirmed enough.”

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