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Parents know that play helps kids grow up happy and healthy. Academic and medical research has proven it. In Imagination Playground’s Learning Library you will gain access to studies and scholarly articles, written by some of the foremost authorities on childhood development that greatly support the need for more free, creative, and imaginative play.


From understanding what children are learning in play, to free play, block play studies, and more. Think of the Learning Library as your refresher course on play!

The following excerpt from Promoting Creativity For Life Using Open-Ended Materials by Walter Drew, EdD and Baji Rankin, EdD can be read in the free play studies section of the library.




Promoting Creativity For Life Using Open-Ended Materials

Walter Drew, EdD, Baji Rankin, EdD
Young Children Magazine July, 2004

Play and the creative arts in early childhood programs are essential ways children communicate, think, feel, and express themselves. Children will succeed developmentally when they have access to a variety of creative, free form play objects and are surrounded by adults who believe in the competence of children and are committed to their success in expressing themselves.

In this era of school performance standards and skill-based, outcome based education, it is more important than ever for educators and families to articulate the values and support the creativity of play and exploration as ways to meet and exceed these standards.

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