help bring Imagination Playground to your school community with a KaBOOM! grant opportunity

Are you a school in the US who is looking into grants as a way to bring Imagination Playground to your students? KaBOOM! is offering funding opportunities for four communities, check out the details below for more information. Deadline is June 7, so apply soon!

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Would the kids at your school love to have an Imagination Playground? KaBOOM! is launching a national program where schools may apply to be considered for Imagination Playground equipment for their school community. Twelve schools will be selected as finalists and proceed to the national level, where consumers will vote to select the top four schools.

For children, play is a way to develop key skills and strengths, build relationships, better understand their environments, and – most importantly – have fun! We know that kids need to play every day because active play is critical to a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. So, KaBOOM!, a national non-profit dedicated to saving play, is working to give more kids the childhood they deserve by working to increase play opportunities for young children.

We have witnessed the power of Imagination Playground to engage kids in creative play that is physically challenging and collaborative, fulfilling the needs of the whole child.

At Skyland Elementary School in Tuscaloosa, Ala., Principal Cheryl Fondren notes that Imagination Playground has proven to be a great equalizer. She has observed her children interacting, negotiating, and problem-solving across all divides. She’s also seen that the equipment encourages socialization and appeals to the sensory needs of the children with autism and developmental delays.

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At DC Prep in Washington, D.C., educators use Imagination Playground for both recess and physical education sessions. Principal Nicole Bryan noted that, “Play happened naturally without teachers getting involved.” Additionally, “because the blocks are so big, the activity was a lot more physical than I expected, and allowed kids to expend lots of energy while expressing their creativity.”

DC Prep 1_Credit KaBOOM!
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Just imagine what Imagination Playground could do for the kids at your school.

Help bring Imagination Playground to your school community by applying for this unique opportunity. Act fast – the application period closes on June 7!

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