imagination playground at bay area discovery museum & 92Y

April was a busy one for Imagination Playground Play Dates with block play happening on opposite ends of the US.

Joining our friends on the West Coast on April 19-20, the Imagination Playground team crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to charming Sausalito, home of the Bay Area Discovery Museum. As a fellow advocate of child-directed play the Museum has been long-running proponents of the blocks, having a set of their own as well as hosting the launch of Imagination Playground’s new Add-on Sets this past fall.

In the course of two days, over 200 children and adults joined in on the play sessions that were held in the Museum’s grounds outside. Recognized as the only children’s museum in a national park, the Bay Area Discovery Museum was a perfect fit for the first outdoor Imagination Playground Play Date of the season. Drawing inspiration from the unconfined space, children worked together to build the blocks into a system of catapults to creatively launch the smaller blocks in the set.


Meanwhile on the East Coast, the Imagination Playground Team returned on April 20th to the 92nd St Y in New York City. Families already familiar with the world-class nonprofit community and cultural center and it’s many offerings were quick to embrace the block play sessions that started early Saturday morning in the penthouse racquetball courts.

The first sessions saw a younger set of children ages 9 months to 5 years, with playful parents who helped in piecing together the blocks and loose parts to form a range of whimsical structures.

As the day continued the second and third play sessions brought older attendees, who wasted no time in building with the Imagination Playground blocks. Naturally breaking into small teams throughout different sections of the play space, the children worked together to create a variety of imaginative arrangements out of the blocks and loose parts.

Creations ranged from a house with furniture for visitors, to an elaborate suspension-style bridge that spanned across the racquetball court and allowed other children to run back and forth underneath, to a basketball hoop that propped against the high walls for successful dunking of the balls included in the Imagination Playground Classic Set, and a large firetruck complete with seats and a noodle hose to spray nearby parents!

In all the weekend was a great success for both coasts. A special thank you to both the Bay Area Discovery Museum and 92nd St Y teams for being such generous hosts of the Imagination Playground Play Date events.












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