imagination playground at children’s day 2013 in South Korea

May 28, 2013 in Play Events



Earlier this month Imagination Playground was part of a special Children’s Day 2013 celebration at Cheongju EDUPIA, a children’s play and educational center in Cheongju, South Korea. The annual holiday that takes place on May 5th, celebrates children across the country and was started as a way to show love and respect for the nation’s future.


Complete with gifts, food, and fun family outings, Children’s Day holds the same excitement for the younger generation that birthdays or Christmas bring to those in other parts of the world. This year Cheongju EDUPIA showcased the Imagination Playground Block Sets as part of their festivities celebrating the national holiday.


Our friends and partners in South Korea sent over photos of the Imagination Playground area set up for children at the Cheongju EDUPIA center


and captured some excellent building activity by several area kindergarten groups that were in attendance…




Cheongju EDUPIA_courtesy of




More about Cheongju EDUPIA –
Located in Cheongju, South Korea the Cheongju EDUPIA is a children’s play and educational center operated by the city of Cheongju. Growing in popularity throughout South Korea, the facility is one of several across the country that provides a range of creative classes and play events for nearby preschools and kindergartens to bring their students on special sessions and day trips.

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