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help bring Imagination Playground to your school community with a KaBOOM! grant opportunity

Are you a school in the US who is looking into grants as a way to bring Imagination Playground to your students? KaBOOM! is offering funding opportunities for four communities, check out the details below for more information. Deadline is June 7, so apply soon!

DC Prep 3_Credit KaBOOM!

Would the kids at your school love to have an Imagination Playground? KaBOOM! is launching a national program where schools may apply to be considered for Imagination Playground equipment for their school community. Twelve schools will be selected as finalists and proceed to the national level, where consumers will vote to select the top four schools.

For children, play is a way to develop key skills and strengths, build relationships, better understand their environments, and – most importantly – have fun! We know that kids need to play every day because active play is critical to a child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. So, KaBOOM!, a national non-profit dedicated to saving play, is working to give more kids the childhood they deserve by working to increase play opportunities for young children.

We have witnessed the power of Imagination Playground to engage kids in creative play that is physically challenging and collaborative, fulfilling the needs of the whole child.

At Skyland Elementary School in Tuscaloosa, Ala., Principal Cheryl Fondren notes that Imagination Playground has proven to be a great equalizer. She has observed her children interacting, negotiating, and problem-solving across all divides. She’s also seen that the equipment encourages socialization and appeals to the sensory needs of the children with autism and developmental delays.

Skyland ES 3_Credit KaBOOM!

Skyland ES 1_Credit KaBOOM!

Skyland ES 2_Credit KaBOOM!

At DC Prep in Washington, D.C., educators use Imagination Playground for both recess and physical education sessions. Principal Nicole Bryan noted that, “Play happened naturally without teachers getting involved.” Additionally, “because the blocks are so big, the activity was a lot more physical than I expected, and allowed kids to expend lots of energy while expressing their creativity.”

DC Prep 1_Credit KaBOOM!
DC prep 2_Credit KaBOOM!

Just imagine what Imagination Playground could do for the kids at your school.

Help bring Imagination Playground to your school community by applying for this unique opportunity. Act fast – the application period closes on June 7!

For more information about other KaBOOM! grant opportunities, please visit

Imagination Playground arrives in South Salt Lake

January 10, 2013 in Play Events, United States

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Thanks to a grant by KaBOOM! & Walt Disney Company, attendees at the South Salt Lake Breakfast with Santa were the first to check out their new Imagination Playground blocks. In an unveiling on December 1, 2012, children excitedly flocked to the new Imagination Playground In a Cart™ wrapped up and disguised as holiday gifts.

The blocks and loose parts were an instant favorite among the hundreds of area families and city staff who came to the event at The Columbus Center. While watching her two children play with the Imagination Playground parts, parent and area resident Heidi Rogers commented, “I think it is great. My kids love it. They’re having fun. It seems to entertain a wide range of ages.”

A press release by the City of South Salt Lake indicated that a host of indoor and outdoor events/play dates were already in the works, with “hopes to reach every one of the 2,458 youth in the community with this exciting new playground.” The new Imagination Playground sets will be located in the three South Salt Lake city-owned Community Learning Centers and rotated through the six other Learning Centers owned/operated by their community partners.

“This is a present for every child in South Salt Lake, the first and only of its kind in Utah,”  in an interview with the South Salt Lake Journal, said the city Mayor’s Office spokesperson, Ashley Babbitt,  “We’re so excited for the children to open the gift and start playing. Our youth will be able to free their imaginations with this playground. It helps promote the power of play.”

To read more & see pictures of the event: &

For information on the South Salt Lake area Imagination Playground, contact: Ashley Babbitt at


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wishing everyone peace & happiness this holiday season

December 24, 2012 in United States

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where in the world is imagination playground?

December 13, 2012 in Newsletter, United States

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It’s been two years since Imagination Playground celebrated the flagship opening of Burling Slip in lower Manhattan. The Blocks have met many children since then – jumping across the pond with Imagination Playground in a Cart, and even traveling as far as Hong Kong and Doha. Imagination Playground and KaBOOM! have deployed over 700 playgrounds to date, spreading free play and creativity throughout parks, schools, daycares, and children’s museums across the globe. The playground has popped up in over 160 schools, 55 museums, and over 70 community and youth organizations.

We can’t wait to reach more communities in 2013 with our new Add-on Block Sets and events hosted across the country. Where would you like to see Imagination Playground next?

Opening of National Building Museum’s PLAY.WORK.BUILD.

December 5, 2012 in Museums, Newsletter, Play Events, United States

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Since its opening almost three weeks ago, PLAY WORK BUILD has been a success among adults and children alike. The National Building Museum teamed up with Imagination Playground to showcase the Museum’s unique Architectural Toy Collection alongside hands-on block play. The family-friendly exhibition invites visitors of all ages to nurture their inner architect skills through Rockwell Group’s specially designed Imagination Playground installation and an original digital interactive.

Students from D.C.’s Two Rivers Public Charter School delighted in building mini constructions, collaborating together on the Imagination Playground 3-D wall, and knocking virtual blocks down. The school has been a great supporter of Imagination Playground since receiving its Imagination Playground in a Box courtesy of a grant from KaBOOM! in 2009. Two Rivers educator, Kathleen Kennedy told USA Today, “There are no steps here. … When you’re playing a computer game, there’s an answer, but with blocks you have to figure it out as you go along.”

Students from the Two Rivers Public Charter School play with Imagination Playground blocks and the digital block wall in the National Building Museum’s exhibition PLAY WORK BUILD. Photos by Kevin Allen.

Check out what others have to say about the exhibition…

Play Work Build chronicles the history of active play in the most appropriate way possible: by asking visitors to actually play the games. –Fast Company’s Co.Design

Collaborative activity, physical movement, and no resemblance to a typical playground are the three major themes of this endeavor, whether it be on a big a scale as the one at the Building Museum or the portable version of these blocks made for schools and camps. –Curbed DC

PLAY WORK BUILD is both an extension and an elaboration on one of the museum’s primary missions, to introduce children to the building process. The second-floor gallery is now overrun by thousands of pieces of blue foam, some sized for building models and some sized to build forts. –The Washington Post On Parenting

Play Work Build will be open at the National Building Museum through 2014, so stop by and experience it for yourself! Do you have some excellent images of your block building day? Don’t forget to share your photos with the National Building Museum and Imagination Playground on Twitter and Instagram by hashtagging #blocktastic  – we would love to hear from you.

National Building Museum’s exhibition PLAY.WORK.BUILD.

November 8, 2012 in Museums, Play Events, United States

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On November 18th, the National Building Museum and Imagination Playground will present PLAY.WORK.BUILD. – an interactive exhibition combining the Museum’s unique architectural toy collection with hands-on block play. Designed by Rockwell Group, the exhibition will explore connections between early examples of imaginative play and its modern day interpretations.  Vintage toys on display from the Museum’s vast collection range from the Original Froebel® Blocks, early Erector sets to Tinker Toys, and Lincoln Logs®.

Families will be able to test their building skills in a variety of scales. One gallery will feature tables of foam blocks in different shapes and sizes, and in the following gallery, hundreds of large-scale blocks will allow visitors to reconfigure their environment. The final gallery showcases an original interactive installation of virtual block play created by the LAB at Rockwell Group. Whether visitors choose the small or large blocks or the virtual block-play experience, children and adults alike will join in on creative, open-ended play.

“Blocks have always been a fundamental element of play, and were greatly inspirational to Imagination Playground. We are thrilled to work with the National Building Museum and to create a unique indoor play space within the historical context of construction and block play,” said David Rockwell. “Play—for children and adults—cannot be affirmed enough.”

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