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Thank You CNN!

June 9, 2015 in Press

by IP

CNN says:

Imagination Playgrounds have snaking tunnels, platforms and springy mats just like any other playground. The difference is that children construct these features anew each time they play, using a set of big blue blocks, noodles, widgets and doodads.”

For the full article read here

NPR talks about the power of block play

June 20, 2013 in Block Play, Press

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Toys have recently chased more and more high-tech roads, but after attending the National Building Museum’s PLAY WORK BUILD exhibit, NPR realized that the hottest toys right now were low-tech: building blocks.

From the legendary Lego blocks to wood blocks to Imagination Playground’s “futuristic block playground, the long-standing tradition of block play is backed by the understanding that block play helps transform children’s minds, lives, bodies, and are ruthlessly efficient at lifting their spirits through play.

Listen to NPR’s coverage here or download the MP3 here: “NPR – From Classic Toys To New Twists, Kids Go Back To Blocks“.

“Small children heave around blocks made out of foam as blue as the ocean. They stack and demolish blue tubes, balls, bricks, bars and cubes.”
Source: NPR – “From Classic Toys To New Twists, Kids Go Back To Blocks

From Classic Toys To New Twists  Kids Go Back To Blocks   Monkey See   NPR

The Wall Street Journal talks about our innovative block-based playgrounds

June 17, 2013 in Featured Posts, Press

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In a new article entitled “New York City’s Playgrounds Swing Toward New Design Models“, the Wall Street Journal discusses the increasing focus of playgrounds on high design and imaginative play.

We were very proud to notice that our innovative block-based playgrounds were featured in the piece, with the mention of our existing Burling Slip location in Lower Manhattan as well as our upcoming tree-house-inspired Imagination Playground due to open in Betsy Head Park in 2015.

You can have a look at the Wall Street Journal article here or see a screenshot of the entire article below.

“The old-fashioned park was concrete with stainless steel, a seesaw and a swing. And now we’ve gone way beyond that.”
Mitchell Moss, professor of urban policy and planning at New York University.

For more press coverage about Imagination Playground, check out our website’s press section.

Innovative new Playgrounds in New York City

The New York Times reviews Imagination Playground

June 13, 2013 in Featured Posts, Press

by IP

New York Times review of Imagination Playground

Read more about what the New York Times has to say about Imagination Playground: “Op-Chart: Unpacking Imagination”.
For more press coverage and reviews of our play system, please visit our press section.