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Imagination Playground comes to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park!

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August 14, 2013 in Featured Sites

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Four Freedoms Park welcomes Imagination Playground

The gorgeous Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City is welcoming Imagination Playground’s block-based play system to unleash their children’s creativity.

The playground will be set up on their outdoor lawn surrounded by awe-inspiring vistas: the architectural shapes of the Louis Kahn designed granite Memorial, the waters of the East River and a wonderful view of the New York skyline (see the pictures below to jolt your appetite). If you live in the New York area, join them this week-end!

Come play at the Park!
Saturday, August 17 & Sunday, August 18
From 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Rain or Shine)
Free, no registration required

Check out their original blog post here and don’t forget to give them some love on Facebook.

Four Freedoms Park Pictures

Pictures of the Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York

Kidspace Children’s Museum becomes Imagination Playground host partner

Yvonne Chavez, Director of Training, Kidspace and Dave Krishock, President, Imagination Playground start the day with big smiles.

Yvonne Chavez, Director of Training, Kidspace and Dave Krishock, President, Imagination Playground start the day with big smiles.

Last week, Imagination Playground welcomed Kidspace Children’s Museum to its family of host partners.

Kidspace‘s CEO Michael Shanklin, as well as Mary Ann Viviano and Yvonne Chavez, worked closely with Imagination Playground’s President Dave Krishock and his team to bring Imagination Playground to this iconic Los Angeles area museum. See some fresh pictures of the opening event below.

“We look worldwide for innovative partners that understand families and are like minded regarding child development and Kidspace certainly fits that bill. We are proud to be working with Kidspace to promote the use of Imagination Playground in the Southern California area” – Dave Krishock.

Thank you Kidspace for your hospitality and a valued partnership. Imagination Playground looks forward to working together to transform children’s bodies, minds and spirits through child directed free play.

If you would like to be an Imagination Host Partner – USA or International – call us at 866.816.8608 or

30 Kipspace employees and volunteers went through Play Associates Training - an important part of Imagination Playground is providing those that oversee children the ability to guide them as they engage in self-directed free play. Play Associate Training is offered to everyone when their Imagination Playground is delivered.

Dave took 30 Kipspace employees and volunteers through Play Associates Training – an important part of Imagination Playground is providing those that oversee children the ability to guide them as they engage in self-directed free play. Play Associate Training is offered to everyone when their Imagination Playground is delivered. Learn more here:

Kidspace team uniting to build a wide variety of structures.

Kidspace team uniting to build a wide variety of structures.

Looks like Iron Man has some fierce competition coming up.

Looks like Iron Man has some tough competition coming up.

At the end of the training session - creatively charged up, but in need of a welcome break - one of Kidspace's employees builds a chair to relax and contemplate her next creation.

At the end of the training session – creatively charged up, but in need of a welcome break – one of Kidspace’s employees builds a chair to relax and contemplate her next creation.

imagination playground at bay area discovery museum & 92Y

April was a busy one for Imagination Playground Play Dates with block play happening on opposite ends of the US.

Joining our friends on the West Coast on April 19-20, the Imagination Playground team crossed the Golden Gate Bridge to charming Sausalito, home of the Bay Area Discovery Museum. As a fellow advocate of child-directed play the Museum has been long-running proponents of the blocks, having a set of their own as well as hosting the launch of Imagination Playground’s new Add-on Sets this past fall.

In the course of two days, over 200 children and adults joined in on the play sessions that were held in the Museum’s grounds outside. Recognized as the only children’s museum in a national park, the Bay Area Discovery Museum was a perfect fit for the first outdoor Imagination Playground Play Date of the season. Drawing inspiration from the unconfined space, children worked together to build the blocks into a system of catapults to creatively launch the smaller blocks in the set.


Meanwhile on the East Coast, the Imagination Playground Team returned on April 20th to the 92nd St Y in New York City. Families already familiar with the world-class nonprofit community and cultural center and it’s many offerings were quick to embrace the block play sessions that started early Saturday morning in the penthouse racquetball courts.

The first sessions saw a younger set of children ages 9 months to 5 years, with playful parents who helped in piecing together the blocks and loose parts to form a range of whimsical structures.

As the day continued the second and third play sessions brought older attendees, who wasted no time in building with the Imagination Playground blocks. Naturally breaking into small teams throughout different sections of the play space, the children worked together to create a variety of imaginative arrangements out of the blocks and loose parts.

Creations ranged from a house with furniture for visitors, to an elaborate suspension-style bridge that spanned across the racquetball court and allowed other children to run back and forth underneath, to a basketball hoop that propped against the high walls for successful dunking of the balls included in the Imagination Playground Classic Set, and a large firetruck complete with seats and a noodle hose to spray nearby parents!

In all the weekend was a great success for both coasts. A special thank you to both the Bay Area Discovery Museum and 92nd St Y teams for being such generous hosts of the Imagination Playground Play Date events.












Want to hear more about Imagination Playground Play Dates and stay in the know on upcoming events?
Email us at and join us on Facebook.

Also, stay tuned for more to come on Imagination Playground’s recent Play Date at Kohl Children’s Museum!

Imagination Playground at the Kentucky Science Center


If you have had the opportunity to visit the Louisville-based Kentucky Science Center recently you may have noticed Imagination Playground appearing in one of the exhibits.

As part of a temporary area, Science in Play  (developed in coordination with Hands On, Inc.), was created “to test new assumptions about adult/child interactions, the power and potential of collaborative, open-ended play, and the use of loose parts in an open gallery” explained Joanna E. Haas, Executive Director of the Kentucky Science Center.

Noting that Imagination Playground was a perfect fit for the hands-on science play space, the center featured their blocks as an anchor to the BIG BUILD area – one of six play activity zones in the Science in Play exhibit. Focusing on children ages 3-7 and their caregivers, the Kentucky Science Center created each zone to invite science, technology, engineering, and math learning all through the lens of play.

“The blocks have been an absolute HIT with children and adults alike” Haas recently reported, “they draw people in immediately…and provide ample opportunity for planning, communicating, testing and problem solving, imagining collaborating, and even independently conquering an idea. The very smallest visitors are joyful as they lug pieces from place to place and simply explore the shape and weight of the blocks. Older children love the challenge of building higher, farther, wider, or even working to build structures that accomplish some task (we’ve seen a few catapults!).”

The Science in Play exhibit is open through January 1, 2013, but the Imagination Playground blocks will continue to make appearances at many more Kentucky Science Center events. Stay tuned via their website:



Photo courtesy of Kentucky Science Center

Imagination Playground at the Vietnamese Initiatives in Economic Training

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November 5, 2012 in Featured Sites, Play Events

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Tucked away in a small corner of New Orleans East, Vietnamese Initiatives in Economic Training (VIET) serves as an oasis of joy, activity and playfulness for the children and families of the community. Over 400 children and families visit this community-based resource center on a daily basis to participate in the year-round children’s programming and the multitude of education and economic training programs. Most recently, thanks to a 2012 grant from the Let’s Play initiative and KaBOOM!, VIET was able to add Imagination Playground in a Box to its vast list of program offerings.

This past summer, VIET integrated the equipment into its Summer Adventure program, which gave 250 campers the opportunity to exercise their imaginations. “Imagination Playground truly has given our children creative ways to play,” says Cyndi Nguyen, VIET executive director, “Children are playing using their creative minds, therefore it makes learning fun! I love the fact that they can create their own play.” In addition to the Summer Adventure program, Nguyen plans to bring the Imagination Playground to different areas of the community to expand play opportunities for children in Louisiana. The goal is to help prevent childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles among a diverse set of neighboring communities in New Orleans East and beyond.
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Imagination Playground at the Grand Rapids children’s museum

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum hosted a birthday party for the entire Grand Rapids community on July 17.

Instead of expecting gifts on this momentous occasion, the museum decided to give back to the community by premiering a new Imagination Playground exhibit for all to enjoy.

Some of the first playmates to join in the fun were Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell, City Commissioner Rosalynn Bliss, museum board members and employees, as well as hundreds of kids – all of whom were eager to unwrap the new equipment and their imaginations!

Since the premiere, the museum staff has been hard at play creating new activities and programming around Imagination Playground.

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featured site: city of pico rivera

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June 5, 2012 in Featured Sites

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Located in southeast Los Angeles County, the City of Pico Rivera offers its residents a rich environment in which its growing population of young children and families can run, jump, swing and play their days away. Most recently, it was named a Playful City USAcommunity and has been able to provide Imagination Playground in a Cart as a resource, courtesy of a grant sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation and KaBOOM!.

The Imagination Playground is managed by the parks and recreation department and is rotated between sites every two weeks to provide access to all the sites it serves. Pico Rivera staff note that the Imagination Playground has provided wonderful play opportunities for the kids, allowing for increased fine and gross motor development through play that otherwise would not be possible. Leticia Reyes, program coordinator for the department of parks and recreation, notes that the children are “able to enjoy the equipment, maintain consistency with their activities and make the most of a very popular resource.”

Leticia also reports that Imagination Playground has been incredibly popular at the center that serves youths in junior high and high school. The staff report that the teens love Imagination Playground and the related activities have proven to serve as a self-esteem-builder.

Pico Rivera staff are looking into further ways they can bring this new resource to community members and hope to be able to do some joint programming with the local school district in the future. We can’t wait to hear more from this fantastic community!

Imagination Playground at the Mid-Pacific Institute. Episode 1: The Blocks Arrive

Imagination Playground is excited to kick off the school year by welcoming Hawaii’s Mid-Pacific Institute (Mid-Pac) to our guest blog spot. Located in the heart of Oahu, the institute is one of the island’s oldest schools, and offers innovative schooling for preschool and grades K-12. The school has grown to be a model for Reggio-inspired learning so we were so happy to meet them.

Every week, Leslie Gleim, Mid-Pac’s Head Preschool Teacher,  will share her research and observations on how the children learn and work with Imagination Playground in an educational setting. Check out the first post below and stay tuned!


Wonder. Questions. Laughter.

At Mid-Pac, we encourage children to fulfill their curiosities and initiate their own ideas and questions. So instead of introducing the blocks in a classroom setting, we hosted a summer session for the preschoolers to engage in free play and explore the blocks on their own terms.


First, we had the children take turns guessing what was inside the large, mysterious packages. Shoes? A bike? I wonder what it is? We found this to be a great (and fun!) exercise for introducing IP to the preschoolers. Teachers could have children draw pictures of their speculations and present the drawings to their classmates.



With the help of our great parents, we then unpacked the carts. We could already feel the energy brewing in the children’s imaginations and thinking – they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the big blocks.


Let the play continue!

-Mid-Pac Preschool Team