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Kokomo-Howard County Public Library – the latest Vote for Play awardee!

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October 5, 2016 in Block Play, Featured Posts

by communitymanager

Hooray for Play! Kokomo-Howard County Public Library is the latest recipient of Imagination Playground’s Vote for Play award! Serving eight townships in Howard County, Indiana, KHCPL will receive a 105-piece Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks set and Play Associate training, valued in total at $7500.

Upon learning the news that their library had been awarded an Imagination Playground, Lisa Fipps, Director of Marketing and Community Engagement shared, ”When we got the call that we’d won, our staff was literally squealing, shouting for joy, dancing, and jumping up and down – not everyday occurrences in a library.”

KHCPL is the first library ever to receive the Vote for Play award, offered by Imagination Playground several times each year to the school or family center that receives the most community votes. They join a growing population of libraries now offering creative play with Imagination Playground, as more and more incorporate hands-on, STEM, and makerspace activities into their scheduling.

“We love that it has loose parts that encourage children to create a play space of their own,” said Fipps.

In addition to being part of regularly scheduled library activities, KHCPL will showcase their new Imagination Playground in an upcoming 3-month interactive exhibit they will host in partnership with the American Library Association—Discover Tech: Engineers Make a World of Difference.

“KHCPL was one of only eight libraries in the nation to receive the Discover Tech: Engineers Make a World of Difference exhibit. It’ll be from February 25 to May 19. With the block set, we can let the kids do some engineering of their own!”

Fipps also had positive comments about how Imagination Playground is manufactured and the materials used.

“As a town with a lot of union workers, we were thrilled to find out that the product is made in the USA. Since we recycle and just finished a yearlong project to educate the community about the importance of saving pollinators, we care about the environment, so it was a big plus for us to see that the product is biodegradable and recyclable once it has served our patrons for many years.”

She concluded by saying, “We are truly grateful to our patrons and the citizens of Kokomo and Howard County who voted for us. We also thank all of our staff members for voting and spreading the word. KHCPL didn’t win this; everyone did!”

David Krishock, President & CEO of Imagination Playground, offered his congratulations to KHCPL, saying, “It thrills us beyond words that we could help children from eight different townships in Indiana get free access to creative play through their local library. Many thanks to the Kokomo-Howard County Public Library and their supportive community for their outstanding effort. Hooray for play!”

He went on to add, “Even though current Vote for Play session has ended, we’ll be reaching even more children through future contests, so stay tuned!”

Imagination Playground’s Vote for Play program allows communities to vote for their favorite school or family center to bring an Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks set to the children they serve. Voting sessions run multiple times throughout the year. KHCPL is the third organization to receive the award in 2016; Finn Academy of Elmira, NY and River Oaks Elementary School of Gulfport, MS were awarded playgrounds earlier this year. Since the inception of Vote for Play, over 30,000 communities have entered the contest.

The next Vote for Play session begins on October 10, 2016. Schools and family centers interested in participating in the next Vote for Play session should check Imagination Playground’s Vote for Play web page, and follow Imagination Playground on Facebook and Twitter.

To learn more about the creative play offered by Imagination Playground, or to bring the Big Blue Blocks to a school or family center, call 1-678-604-7466 or email ContactUs(at)ImaginationPlayground(dot)org.

Community Fundraising Success Story: Cache Primary School Special Ed

This community fundraising success story really makes us smile! :) A mom in Oklahoma wanted a set of Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks for her young son’s Special Ed kindergarten program at Cache Primary School. She took her story to an online crowdfunding platform, rallied her community, and the school wound up reaching its goals! We’ve pasted her story here, or you can visit it on Learn how to launch your own fundraising success story with our free guide.

“Our son Wyatt was born with a very large, rare brain tumor called a Desmoplastic Infantile Ganglioglioma. It was found and removed when he was just 4 months old.

He is now almost 6 and amazes everyone with what he has accomplished! He is currently in the Special Ed Kindergarten at Cache Primary School in Cache, OK.

This spring, he participated in the Special Olympics at Fort Sill. The younger athletes spent the day in a gym doing events and playing with volunteer Soldiers. One of the games was an area set up with the Imagination Playground blocks. This area was by far one of the more popular areas with the kids.

We are trying to raise enough money to buy a set of the Big Blue Blocks for Wyatt’s class. This year there are 8 boys in his class with all different abilities. But they are all still active little boys! These blocks would provide opportunities not only for them to play, but to be improving muscle tone, planning skills, and social interactions.”


Imagination Playground 3D Builder Mobile App Surpasses 100K Downloads, Boasts New Features

Castle Template included in new version of 3D Builder.

Castle Template included in new version of 3D Builder.

With over 100K downloads and exciting new features, Imagination Playground’s already popular 3D Builder app just got even better.  A virtual version of creating with the well-known Big Blue Blocks, this fun and educational children’s app allows kids to build, stack, connect and channel with Imagination Playground—just like they do in real life.

New in version 1.3.2 are ready-made templates, including a boat, a bridge, a castle, and a rocket ship. These provide a starting point for building that kids can customize into their own unique creations.

As before, 3D Builder works on both iOS and Android, but for those who prefer to surf, this latest release introduces a new browser version. Perfect for the classroom setting or home desktop use, the online option offers the same rich features as the mobile app while working with the most popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

David Krishock, Imagination Playground President and CEO says, “By bridging the worlds of physical and digital building, 3D Builder has already helped our mission to reach more children with creative block play. Now, with these new enhancements, it’s even more fun for kids and easier for teachers to use in the classroom.”

Since its initial release in 2015, 3D Builder has been highly rated by top educational and parenting blogs. In their online review, iPhone Mom rated 3D Builder 4.8 out of 5, saying, “It is rare that you find a high quality, entertaining and educational app for free and Imagination Playground 3D Builder hits the jackpot.”

Katie Chirhart, a children’s technology instructor and writer for Teachers with Apps, recently tweeted her students’ 3D Builder images saying, “My kinders LOVED your building app!”

Parents will also be interested to know that screen captures of builds created with 3D Builder can be submitted to Imagination Playground’s annual Build-A-Thon. For contest details and prize information, please visit

For more information on Imagination Playground’s 3D Builder, links to download, and access to the new browser version, please visit


Seven-Year-Old Wins Imagination Playground Build-A-Thon, Donates Prize to His School

Principal Chad Carr shakes Caden Yocom's hand during school celebratory assembly

Principal Chad Carr shakes Caden Yocom’s hand during school celebratory assembly

When 7-year-old Caden Yocom learned he was the Grand Prize winner in Imagination Playground’s 2015 Build-A-Thon contest, he knew he had a big decision to make. What should he do with his award of an Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks set?

Last month, while on a school field trip to Columbus Ohio’s Center of Science and Industry (COSI), Caden announced his decision—He would donate the blocks to his classmates at Columbus Preparatory Academy.

COSI is one of the largest modern-built science centers in the United States, and precisely where Caden created his winning Build-A-Thon build. That day, the school reported that Caden happily shared with his fellow students, “You are all getting a set of blocks of your own coming soon!”

In a recent school assembly, the Big Blue Blocks were unveiled, and Principal Chad Carr extolled the selflessness of Caden’s decision. After all, the principal explained, Caden could have kept them in his own back yard.  But that day, instead, the school was celebrating the newly delivered blocks, with which all of CPA’s students would soon be playing.

During the address, the K-8 Principal went on to thank Caden and Imagination Playground, noting that as a charter school, CPA often depended on fundraising and the generosity of its community. Also, the blocks would provide an opportunity for indoor play during the cold Ohio winters.

Upon learning of Caden’s decision to donate his prize, David Krishock, Imagination Playground President and CEO, shared his excitement and gratitude.

“Caden has shown a remarkable degree of generosity for a such a young man and we thank him,” he said. “We’re sure the teachers and parents of CPA are just as excited as we are, knowing that all of Caden’s classmates will benefit from creative play.”

“As the Grand Prize winner, Caden and his parents will also receive a trip to Imagination Playground Park in New York,” Mr. Krishock added. “I’m looking forward to watching him build when he arrives.”

Imagination Playground’s Build-A-Thon invites kids 2-10 to create with Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks, and submit images of their builds to win prizes.  In addition to competing with physical build entries, a digital prize category allows children to submit screen captures of builds they create with Imagination Playground’s 3D Builder App. The Grand Prize winner receives a 105-piece Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks set and an all-expense paid trip to the legendary Imagination Playground Park in New York City. There are also 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for both digital and physical builds—over 500 winners in all. Imagination Playground’s 2016 Build-A-Thon contest is currently underway. For build locations, how to enter, and links to download the 3D Builder App, visit:



Nance Elementary School Hosts Innovation Week

On Nance Family day, students built this vehicle.

We want to go for a ride!

So many modern educators are thinking “out of the box” when it comes to their curricula, and we love observing this trend. A great example is Nance Elementary’s Innovation Week, recently held by the Clinton, Oklahoma elementary school.

Activities included a paper airplane flying contest, a Makerspace demo, and students collaborating about favorite inventions. Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks took part on the Family Day, where parents were invited to design and build with the children.

Now that’s what we call creative play!

Imagination Playground thanks Principal Janalyn Taylor for sharing these images with us on Twitter.


4th Graders Step Up to Blue Block Bug Design Challenge

"Shark Bug"

“Shark Bug”

What’s made of Big Blue Blocks and looks like a hornet?

SCE4 Messenger Brothers will be happy to show you!

They’re a duo of 4th grade classes at Dublin City Schools in Ohio, engaging together in a variety of creative S.T.E.M. related activities.

We spotted them over on Twitter, tweeting about their “Imagination Playground Design Challenge” to “Design a New Bug Species.”

The project produced many clever “Blue Block creatures,” including something “similar to a hornet,” a Shark Bug, One-Eyed Bug, and a Water Bug—complete with male and female versions!

Visiting their blog, we were entertained by a “colony” of other fascinating (not-necessarily-bug-related) projects, including an energy challenge where students were given a choice between building a penguin hut or an eco-friendly toy project!

We really got a charge out of that one.

D’oh! Did we really say that?! Keep up the good work kids!


Teacher Becomes First Referral Rewards Recipient

Diana Rowland 3rd Grade Stars Charter School NCImagination Playground congratulates Diana Rowland, 3rd grade teacher at STARS Charter School in Valls, NC. She recently became the first recipient of a set of Medium Blue Blocks as part of our Referral Rewards program.

The Referral program rewards teachers and educators for “spreading the news” on Creative Play with Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks.  If a school purchases a Big Blue Blocks set based on a teacher referral, the teacher is awarded a set of Medium Blue Blocks.

Commenting on why she recommended the Big Blue Blocks for her students, Ms. Rowland said, “Our charter school’s focus on the arts and creativity is truly the driving force. I believe these blocks will allow our students to have creative outlets to play and design! Also as a math and science teacher I can’t help but see the connections we could make such as measuring, building, engineering, etc. We also received the Big Blue Blocks before our standardized testing, which unfortunately can be very stressful for students. So the timing for these fun blocks couldn’t be better!“

She added, “I’m so thankful to be awarded the Medium Block set too, and look forward to having that for indoor use and sharing it with the other classrooms for fun activities!”

Parents are also welcome to participate in Referral Rewards. Research shows that 80% of organizations that know of Imagination Playground, want Imagination Playground. So the chances of earning a reward are high.

Anyone interested in referring a school or family center can do so by filling out the Imagination Playground Referral Rewards form.

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March 23, 2016 in Featured Posts

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Exactly what are Values of a Two-Year Higher education.

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February 15, 2016 in Featured Posts

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Superior instruction in this nation is without delay becoming a need inside the opportunity group in place of an extravagance. While in the previous the people who experienced a secondary university guidance still experienced the chance to manufacture a exceptional entire world for on their own as well as their family members. All those days are quickly becoming an alternate dieing coal with the previous. Over the off prospect you would like to have significant obtaining opportunity amid your life span you may be entirely limited by your gaining knowledge of possible additionally, the level of instruction you have gotten.

The uplifting news is that you you should not want to have a very earn or bust procedure almost about instruction. You can still begin the process of by building infant strides on the subject of state-of-the-art instruction. In the off possibility that you have a very junior university inside your common vicinity, this is certainly one of the very best assets for starting off your school instruction at any period in your daily life. Most junior colleges present lessons at different periods amid the working day and evening, even some on Saturday preserving in mind the top mission to oblige understudies of assorted ages and foundations.

Junior faculties on top of that give a fantastic chance to get started with your finding out mission in a way which is a good offer further effortlessly realistic towards the typical nationwide than an all out university. These universities are to the perfect extent employee educational facilities in spite of this you’ll notice a number of that allow understudies the adventure of dwelling over a college grounds in a substantially decrease expenditure than most actual schools demand for that comparable or essentially the same as added benefits.

Junior schools in addition permit you to examine your choices in case you aren’t mostly specific what heading you would like on your guidance to acquire without the need of paying out such a great amount with the technique. In case you are aware of the vocation way you would like to just take you could identify a two-year degree program that might have you ever away from college and in a job a lot of sooner than a four-year plan will allow. About the off prospect that that isn’t enough information for yourself, a big part of the two-year initiatives of examine that can be supplied on the junior college or university amount might just go very easily into four yr certification courses for the faculty level.

Junior schools offer a excellent get started for some people today who are searching for superior schooling even if to help their professions or simply to find gratification on a person stage in everyday life. There will be lots of amazing tasks in expert fields and scholarly fields that can be investigated and research within the junior college or university stage.

For graduating secondary faculty understudies junior colleges allow understudies lead in the alteration from secondary faculty to school without the need of suffering from just how of lifespan stun that a couple colleges can set understudies by way of. You can see that there are regularly a good number of odds to satisfy instructive and also social desires over the junior college level for understudies that happen to be occupied with looking for following a junior college guidance.

You ought to furthermore realize that junior colleges are much fewer demanding to paying with regards to placing aside funds and expenditure funds for either your individual school working out or maybe the instructive charges of your children. Having them drop by a junior faculty for any long time then exchanging to some College can spare a great deal of funds and provides you a little bit of intellect that your children are as yet accepting a superb level of instruction.

Undeniably, over the off probability you are looking for an astounding high quality on the subject of instruction you’ll do all by yourself or your youngsters an damage in the event that you don’t appearance for the junior faculty choices inside of your normal vicinity earlier than dove in and jumping into your school strategy for everyday life. You will see that junior colleges often supply you with an equivalent level of instruction for your standard lessons that for starters and 2nd year undergrads commonly acquire, they are simply a vastly improved esteem for the hard cash, and they’re an outstanding attributes for the individuals that are attempting to juggle their schooling with spouse and children and operate responsibilities.

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