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Teacher Becomes First Referral Rewards Recipient

April 9, 2016 in Educators, Featured Posts, Teachers

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Diana Rowland 3rd Grade Stars Charter School NCImagination Playground congratulates Diana Rowland, 3rd grade teacher at STARS Charter School in Valls, NC. She recently became the first recipient of a set of Medium Blue Blocks as part of our Referral Rewards program.

The Referral program rewards teachers and educators for “spreading the news” on Creative Play with Imagination Playground Big Blue Blocks.  If a school purchases a Big Blue Blocks set based on a teacher referral, the teacher is awarded a set of Medium Blue Blocks.

Commenting on why she recommended the Big Blue Blocks for her students, Ms. Rowland said, “Our charter school’s focus on the arts and creativity is truly the driving force. I believe these blocks will allow our students to have creative outlets to play and design! Also as a math and science teacher I can’t help but see the connections we could make such as measuring, building, engineering, etc. We also received the Big Blue Blocks before our standardized testing, which unfortunately can be very stressful for students. So the timing for these fun blocks couldn’t be better!“

She added, “I’m so thankful to be awarded the Medium Block set too, and look forward to having that for indoor use and sharing it with the other classrooms for fun activities!”

Parents are also welcome to participate in Referral Rewards. Research shows that 80% of organizations that know of Imagination Playground, want Imagination Playground. So the chances of earning a reward are high.

Anyone interested in referring a school or family center can do so by filling out the Imagination Playground Referral Rewards form.

Testimonial from Adrian Benepe, NYC Parks & Recreation Commissioner

September 5, 2013 in Educators, Featured Posts

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“You don’t have to have a specially built playground. You have this rolling box that’s almost like a magician’s chest of loose parts. It’s amazing to see kids interact with the things.” – Adrian Benepe, NYC Parks & Recreation Commissioner

young child expo & conference 2013



On April 19th, Imagination Playground participated with Jean Schrieber, M.S. in the 10th Annual Young Child Expo & Conference. Presented by Fordham University’s Graduate School of Education and Los Niños Services, the conference brings together over 1,000 educators, childcare experts and parents in order to learn about child education and development.

An early supporter of Imagination Playground, Jean Schrieber, presented how the Blocks provide endless opportunities for open-ended play indoors and outdoors. She detailed how Imagination Playground is appropriate for children of all ages, and emphasized how the Blocks provide a stress-free escape from the pressures of an increasing test-oriented education system. We were excited to see educators and parents asking questions, testing out the Imagination Playground Blocks, and interested in attending Play Dates. Thank you, Jean!



Jean Schreiber is an early childhood educational consultant who has developed and directed early childhood programs and parenting centers. She earned her M.S. in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education where she is an instructor in the Continuing Professional Studies Program. Jean presents her workshops across the country on topics such as fostering the social and emotional development of young children, creating developmentally appropriate classroom experiences, and supporting the emotional and professional growth of parents and educators. She is particularly interested in the role of block play as a tool to enrich learning in all areas of development.

Learn more about Jean’s story and support of Imagination Playground on our website.


Imagination Playground enables children to unleash their creativity.

April 17, 2013 in Block Play, Educators, Featured Posts, Parents

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Children and creativity - Imagination Playground

Blocks are among the most important toys available to children. They allow kids to create a world that is their own.

Check out Imagination Playground’s Learning Library with free resources and white papers to learn more on block play!

Inspirational quote from Maria Montessori about Children

April 8, 2013 in Educators, Featured Posts, inspiration

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