add-on sets rollout

October 16, 2012 in Play Events


Imagination Playground is excited to launch the new Add-on Sets with the rollout of the new play parts in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles this fall. The Add-on Sets will increase the variety and complexity of play through angled and curved shapes.

The Angles Set introduces a new level of complexity with polygons and concave shapes, encouraging children to consider gravity and asymmetry, and to think ahead as they build and play. The new shapes also promote more nuanced thinking, inventive constructions, and trial-and-error learning with parts that don’t easily fit together. The Curves Set allows for more sensory and bodily interaction with the loose parts, as children work with ergonomic contours to make moving parts, irregular compositions that require consideration of balance, and props and accessories that fuel their dramatic play. Both sets incorporate holes and connectors and contain a wide variety of loose parts, including cubes, bricks, logs, and cylinders, all of which enhance children’s self-expression
and invite new forms of experimentation.

In celebration of the launch, Rockwell Group will donate the Imagination Playground Add-on Sets to each venue hosting the playdate. Following the fall events, Rockwell Group will expand Imagination Playground Add-on Sets to Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston in 2013.

Oct. 18th – Bay Area Discovery Museum, San Francisco
Oct. 19th – Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts, Los Angeles
Oct. 27th – Franken Plaza, Monster Bash, Chicago

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